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Isaiah 40:28-29

The everlasting God … gives power to the weak. He increases the strength of him who has no might.

The essential issue in this scripture is ‘waiting on the Lord.’ The scripture emphasized “weary” and “faint” as the bone of contention. Weariness is one of the main things that keep us from waiting successfully. Weariness comes when the pressure of a thing weighs on us for a long time. We come to the place that we feel we cannot carry the burden any longer. When we are weary long enough, we may faint. If we faint, we quit fighting. We give up our faith and simply resign ourselves to the lie that God will not meet our need. Fainting leads to depression. Every God-giving vision is greater than the receiver. We need God’s help to pursue and realize our visions. If we build our faith upon the truth of the Word, we can never fall into depression in our missions. We have so many limitations, but God has none. Unless Jesus is enough for you, nothing else will ever be. Faith and trust are the pathway of holiness, let’s walk in them in the pursuit of our vision. What you believe is what you become, and that is the strength of faith. If you navigate through what you believe and start to make necessary changes to your life, that is desirable trust in the Lord. God doesn’t get tired of encouraging his children. He constantly gives life and helps to fight temptation. He won’t give up on his own, unless they die. Therefore, leave your past behind in the dust, and trust in Jesus to see you through.

God’s understanding is unsearchable. He’s never limited to natural methods when it comes to provision in your life! He knows all the possible routes to and from every destination. He knows the times and ways we can be tried and tested, and he sends the encouragement, just at the right time. God strengthens us at our moment of perplexity, especially when we cry to him. He gives strength to the weak and those who have no strength. We can do very little by our natural strength, but we can cry out to God for strength. When we cry out in faith, God steps in and fights our battles. Believe this: As long as there are days to live, there are possibilities available to us! God empowers us to resist evils and temptations around us. He gives strengths to overcome cultivated and inherited tendencies. He supplies all we need to be victorious over sin. All He needs is our permission and submission. God leads us in triumph in Christ through the knowledge of Him (2 Corinthians 2:14). May the Lord send you strength and wisdom to handle all situations nagging your peace. Amen. Daddy Zion.

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